What is Eczema?


Eczema is a skin condition in which patches of skin become inflamed and rough.
It is characterized as a chronic, relapsing-remitting condition in which patches of the skin become itchy, red, dry, and inflamed.
The flares-up periodically often triggered by stress, irritant chemicals, or allergens.
Normally associated with allergies such as allergy rhinitis, food allergy, and asthma.



Common sites of Eczema in Children and Adult


Sign and Symptoms:


Trigger factor 湿疹触发因素
Examples 例子
Physical 物
Humidity, hot temperature, winter weather, dusty environment 温度,高温,冬季天气,多尘的环境
Chemical 化学
Toiletries containing, perfume, harsh detergent 含有酒精和香料的化妆品,香水,刺激性清洁剂
Materials 物
Jewelries, glues, plaster, coarse cloth 珠宝,胶水,石膏,粗布
Foods 食品
Milk, egg, peanuts, fish, soy and wheat 牛奶,鸡蛋,花生,鱼,大豆和小麦
Psychology 心理因素
Stress 压力

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