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    Health / Beauty > Supplement > Vitahealth Vita Oncox
    Vitahealth Vita Oncox Vitahealth Vita Oncox

    Vitahealth Vita Oncox

    Brand: Vitahealth   |  
    Code: 9322935021679
    Vitahealth Vita Oncox 30'S X 2 RM127.80 RM95.85/per Sets
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    Vitahealth Vita Oncox 30'S RM51.90/per Btl Best
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    VitaHealth Vita OncoX features 4 types of medicinal mushrooms – lingzhi, yunzhi, cordyceps and shiitake, with turmeric extract. Traditionally, it is used to strengthen the body, relieve weakness and improve the overall quality of life. The essence of lingzhi obtained from cracked spores has higher bioavailability. It is more readily absorbed by the body, hence, it offers greater benefit. Yunzhi, rich in polysaccharopeptide, supports healthy immune responses, while shiitake mushrooms and cordyceps which contain botanical polysaccharides help support general health maintenance. The turmeric extract is standardized to contain 95% curcumin which aids in supporting healthy immune functions and anti-inflammatory responses in the body. It is recommended for those with weakened immune systems and the elderly who lack physical activities.


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